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Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a uniquely beautiful freestone stream that drops quickly as it rumbles through the drainage. This rare combination of structure, oxygen, and forage leads to a natural trout habitat as good as anywhere in North America. 

Well known for the famous Salmon Fly Hatch that begins in late May and early June this blue ribbon stream is truly a gift from the fishing Gods.  Seeming to posses a mind of it's own, Rock Creek tends not to follow the normal patterns other area river do, and often when nothing else is available to fish, due to a variety of circumstances, Rock Creek will still generously give it up.. A remote rugged drainage encapsulated in US Forest Services Land and void of dwellings for most of the fifty plus miles it travels, fishing rock creek is as close as you will get to feeling what it was like to fish Montana waters at the turn of the century.  

 Although floating rock creek at high water is not for the faint of heart, for the adventure angler it has been described as "Fly fishing down a luge course." It truly is an experience all fly fisherman should experience at least once in their life time. Once the water levels off, Rock Creek is also one of our best and most accessible wade fishing rivers in the area. Give us a call to hear the options available.