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Summer Fly Fishing

As peak flows begin to drop on area rivers, windows of opportunity begin to arise. Just after high water begins to subside we are presented with unique opportunities that that we won't see at any other time during the season. Post run-off is the time of the “Big Bug.” Salmon Flies, the biggest of the Stoneflies will begin to hatch on the Blackfoot and Rock Creek in early June. During this time, the rivers are running big, and many of those big fish that spend the majority of their days sunk down in a mid river hole almost impossible to reach will be pushed up to the banks where they are easily lured with a giant dry or streamer just below the surface of water where you can have the unique experience of actually seeing the strike. If you like to swing for the fences, come see us in mid June!

After things have calmed down a bit, and flows continue to drop the “eat” will transition from Salmon flies to golden stones. This is a time of more stability. There is not as much day to day fluctuation in water and weather, and things are a bit more predictable. Day time temps start to warm, and fish are eager to chow on the Goldens and various small may flies that have begun to hatch throughout the day!
As summer rolls on and temps continue to warm, we start to see more and more hoppers popping around on the banks. This is classic Hopper, or if you prefer to double your chances, Hopper-Dropper time in Western Montana. If your into fishing a solo dry fly, this is the time to test your skills, and see how tight you can put that hopper to the bank… where often the difference between an eat and long beautiful unmolested drift is mere inches. From late June until the end of August, you really can’t go wrong fly fishing Montana. Contact us for even more info on summertime fly fishing in Montana!