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Commonly Asked Questions

How many people can go on a trip?

On a float trip, each boat can handle up to two fishermen (plus the guide). Trying to put more than two in a boat just doesn’t work. Endless drift can cater to anything from a single angler to multiboat parties. give us a call if you have more questions about this

What should I bring?

Prior to the trip we will talk with you about gear. We will discuss current conditions, and give you our best opinion on what to bring as far as rods, waders, flies, etc.  If you don’t have any gear, not to fret, each of our guides carry at least two extra rods, and everything you need to enjoy a day on the water. It is always good practice to bring extra layers as well as rain gear. Never feel funny bringing a dry-bag full of clothes, and I promise you that NO guide will ever laugh at you. Weather in the northern Rockies can be unpredictable, and temperatures can vary greatly through the course of a day. Also, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses (polarized if you have them). Sun glasses not only help cut the glare and improve fish spotting ability, but also provide eye protection (most guides won’t leave the bank until everyone in the boat has a pair on).
How many will I catch?
Endless drift prides it’s self with only putting the best guides in the business on the water. That being said, we are dealing with Mother Nature. There are many factors involved in fly fishing for WILD trout on FREESTONE rivers, and most are out of anyone human’s direct control. We insure that fishing with us gives you the absolute best chance on any given day to catch fish in our area rivers, creeks and lakes, but predicting just how many that will be is pretty tough.
What should I wear on my feet?
This can vary greatly depending on the time of the year. Usually, for spring and fall trips we highly recommend waders. Even though we generally don’t spend a lot of time wade fishing on a float trips (unless specifically requested), waders help keep you warm in the early and later hours during spring and fall. Also, they keep your feet and legs dry, which again helps to keep you warm, and we all know that if one thing can spoil a great day on the water, it’s being cold. During summer, usually sandals work best. If you prefer something warmer, neoprene stockings and wading boots, or even an old pair of sneakers works. The key is to wear something that you don’t mind getting wet, because although our guides are pretty accommodating, there are spots where you may stop to get out that the guide just can’t get the boat all the way to the bank.
How many people can we have in a boat?
We limit each boat to two people at the most. We feel that any more than two, just makes things too difficult on everyone. Each boat, whether it is a raft, or a drift boat is designed with two fishermen in mind. It is impossible for an extra person in the boat not to be either in the guide’s way, or in the way of the other people that are trying to fish.
I only want to fish dry flies... is that OK?
Yes. Although our guides will always recommend what they feel will give you have the best opportunity to catch the most (and biggest) fish, in the end it’s up to you! If you want to fish a size twenty two midge on a blown out river in June, and or drag a 6 inch streamer around the bitterroot on a hot august afternoon, that is just fine with us, after all, it’s your dayJ
What’s for lunch?
Although lunches will vary from guide to guide depending on personal preference, we do our best to insure that each lunch is up to your liking. We will talk with you prior to your trip to ensure that if there are any specifics you like or don’t like, we are aware of it. We have found that there is a great deal of variability amongst anglers as to what they like to eat on the river, and how much time they like to spend eating it. There for we like to discuss options with you ahead of time, and go from there.